Thanks to great organizations such as the LA PUENTE VALLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY the THE HOMESTEAD MUSEUM, the LOS ANGELES PUBLIC LIBRARY and USC DIGITAL LIBRARY for their curating of our history as well as personal private collections. If it wasn't for those photographs and collections, we in the 21st Century would be robbed of our history and tangible photographs and images to enjoy today and for our children and grand-children. We hope to always thank everyone for their contribution. We are not endorsing Wikipedia, however, they do have an excellent write up on RANCHO LA PUENTE HISTORY.  If you have any questions or photographs you would like to contribute with full photo credit please contact us at LA PUENTE DAYS. Thank you

Wall Panels from 1930's

Recently four 4'X8' panels (paintings like this one) were discovered in an old storage area. These panels depict life in Rancho La Puente in the late 1800's and early 1900's. They are said to have at one time been on display in the old Puente Savings and loan. Submitted by Ruben Acuna.

The Puente Store, 1898

Across the Street from Spear Pharmacy, 1900's

Union Pacific Train Wreck, Puente, 1927

High flood water raging down an overflowing Puente Creek undermined a trestle on which a Union Pacific train was traveling and sent the train plummeting downward. The steel trestle was weakened at two points and entirely collapsed after the train's engine, passenger and baggage cars rolled over it. Of the fifteen passengers on the train, six people were seriously injured and two were killed. Injured survivors of the crash were sent to Murphy Emergency Hospital in Whittier for treatment. The wreck occurred near Whittier at 6:40 p.m., approximately 35 minutes after the train had departed Los Angeles for Chicago. Photo dated: February, 1927.